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Greetings fellow Thespians!

Well, there've been a few changes at ActorToActor.com...

Okay, so there've been LOTS AND LOTS of changes. For one, now all of the information at ActorToActor.com is FREE!


That's right...FREE!

I've also completely revamped the web site to look SUPER SPIFFY!

And, I've added a few sections to the site. (Not all of them are up and running just yet, but I'm getting around to it; they should be finished by the end of this week!)

So, go to the site and check out all of the new stuff there!


I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! And, speaking of the holidays, I'm going to be giving a reading of A Christmas Carol at a local Books-a-million. So, if you're in the Mobile area at 10:30am on Christmas Eve, come by the Books-a-million at McGreagor and Airport Blvd. It takes me about four hours to get through the whole book, so I'll be there a while, if you'd like to meet me.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

May God bless you and direct you along the path to victory!

Joshua Nicholson, Webmaster of ActorToActor.com
[email protected]