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ActorToActor.com is a web site devoted to giving helpful information to young/beginning actors and chronicling the acting endevours of its webmaster/ editor/head writer, Joshua N. Nicholson.

Actor to Actor was a short-lived eZine, written and edited by Joshua N. Nicholson. After a few months of trying the site in this direction, the decission was made to make the information sold on ActorToActor.com free to the public. The site in its "free info" format was launched in December of 2002. The information in the other eZines can be obtained in the various portions of the current site (the Acting Lessons, Articles, and Interviews sections).


About Joshua

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Joshua Nehemiah Nicholson was born on November 2, 1981 at Providence Hospital in Mobile, AL. He spent the first years of his life living in Chickasaw, AL, where he attended Semmes Elementary School for the first half of Kindergarten and Chickasaw Elementary School for the second half.

In the summer of 1988, Joshua, his two parents Mickey and Diane, his older brother Calvin, and his little sister Crystal moved to Semmes, AL (a county of Mobile), which is where they have resided since.

For first grade through fifth grade, Joshua returned to Semmes Elementary School. His fifth grade teacher, Mr. Goodwin, gave him his first taste of classical music and Broadway tunes, playing them on the record player in the back of the room as the students did class work and took tests. This was also when Joshua saw his first show...on video, that is. The class watched My Fair Lady and West Side Story. Thus was sparked Joshua's love for musicals.

As he entered into Semmes Middle School, Joshua joined the school band, playing the flute, which he still plays to this day.

Middle school passed, and Joshua finally entered Mary G. Montgomery High School, also located in Semmes. He played flute in the marching and symphonic bands, and was a section leader his junior and senior year and assistant drum major his senior year.

January of his senior year, Joshua went with some friends to see one of his teachers in the Chickasaw Civic Theatre (CCT) Production of Murder's Bad, But Monday Can Kill You. This was his first real exposure to live theatre, and he was completely enthralled (even though the theatre only seats about 70 people). Speaking with the director at intermission, Joshua found out about auditions for the next show, Snoopy!!!. Auditions went well, and he got the part of Charlie Brown in the show. He also performed in the following show, Damn Yankees as one of the ballplayers and a mambo dancer.

Well, Joshua finally made it through high school, graduating 12th in a class of about 300 with an unweighted GPA of around 3.96 (CLASS OF 2000, BABY!), and he moved on to college at the University of South Alabama.

During the summer after graduation, Joshua went with his sister to see his friend, Tommy Alsip (the kid who played Snoopy in Snoopy!!!) in Bye, Bye, Birdie at the Playhouse in the Park, Mobile's youth theatre. As luck would have it, Pam Mollise, the wife of the the Playhouse's director, recognized Joshua, having seen him in Snoopy!!!, and invited him to come audition for the Playhouse's next big venture, Fiddler On the Roof.

Eagerly, Joshua auditioned and got one of the leading male roles in the play, Perchik, the university student. During the run of the show, the director, Danny Mollise, invited Joshua to be one of four actors in the new touring company he was starting called Musical Theatre Works, thrusting him from amateur to professional status because now he got paid for his acting services. Thus, they began touring The Emperor's New Clothes. After playing the Prime Minister for a year and a half, Joshua was bumped up to the Emperor. They finished their touring in April of 2002.

After Fiddler On the Roof, Joshua performed in many plays and musicals: My Fair Lady (2000) at the CCT (playing Freddie Einsford-Hill), Peter Pan (2000) at the Playhouse (playing Smee), excerpts of Snoopy!!! at a special New Year's Eve performance in downtown Mobile, Bless Me Father (2001) at the CCT (playing a love-sick Jewish guy who was marrying a Catholic girl), Man of La Mancha (2001) at the CCT (playing the Barber and a Muleteer), Into the Woods, Jr. (2001) at the Playhouse (playing Rapunzel's Prince), Three Murders, And It's Only Monday (2001) at the CCT (playing an old ventriloquist and a Norwegian gardener), All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten (2001) at the CCT (playing Branislav), Oliver! (2001) at the Playhouse (playing Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker; a policeman; and an old guy that got beaten up by Bill Sykes), Dracula (2001) at the Playhouse (playing Renfield), Babes in Toyland (2001) at the Playhouse (playing the Master Toymaker), Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2002) at the Playhouse (playing Mr. Willy Wonka himself), Titanic: the Musical (2002) at the CCT (playing a British crewman named Pitman, the American band-leader Walace Hartley, and an Irish third-class passenger named Jim Farrell), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2002) at the CCT (playing Asher, one of Potiphar's servants, and Pharoah's butler), The Wizard of Oz (2002) at the Playhouse (playing the Tinman), Nuncrackers (2002) at the University of Mobile (playing an Irish Priest named Father Phillip), Scrooge (2002) at the Playhouse (playing Ebenezer Scrooge himself), Dearly Departed (2003) at UM (playing Ray-Bud Turpin), The Pajama Game (2003) at UM (playing Hines), Oklahoma (2003) at the CCT (playing Fred), Our Town (2003) at UM (alternating between the Stage Manager and Howie Newsome), Annie (2003) at UM (playing Rooster), Uh Oh, Here Come Christmas (2003) at CCT (playing Rusty), "The Actor's Nightmare" (2004) at UM (playing George), Smoke on the Mountain (2004) at UM (playing Stanley Sanders), Much Ado About Nothing (2004) at the Freemont County Art Center (playing Benedick), Brighton Beach Memoirs (2004) at UM (playing Eugene Jerome), South Pacific (2004) at UM (playing Luther Billis), Guys and Dolls (2005) at UM (playing Nathan Detroit), Peer Gynt (2006) at Regent University (playing The Button Moulder and Dr. Begriffenfeldt), "Family Knots" (2006) at Regent (directing the show and voicing Dad), How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (2006) at Regent University (playing Twimble and Wally Womper), Fairytale Courtroom (2006) at the Regent Theatre Camp (playing the Judge), Noises Off (playing Tim Allgood) at Regent University (2006), The Music Man (playing Marcellus Washburn) at Regent University (2007), Beauty and the Beast (playing Maurice) at The Regent University Theatre Camps (2007), A Midsummer Night's Dream (playing Theseus and a Faerie Warrior) at Regent University (2007), The Great Divorce (playing the Bus Driver) at Regent University (2007), Harvey (director) at Regent University (2008), Into the Woods (playing Baker) at Regent Univeristy (2008), and The Witch of Pungo (an original historical musical drama, playing one of four ensemble cast members) in Virginia Beach (2008).

September 1, 2008, Joshua moved to New York City to persue his acting career. He lived in Astoria, NY, with his fellow Regent graduate Justin Glinn. Soon after moving, he became a member of The Improv School, an improvisational troupe that does assembly programs for schools in the New York and New Jersey area. Thus far in New York, Joshua was in the world premier production of Pucelandia (playing Mertz) with Turtle Shell Productions (2008). He was then in the first national tour of Gilligan's Island: The Musical (playing Mr. Howell) with Broadway On Tour (2009), then was in the world premier of Uncle Pirate (playing the title character) with Vital Theatre Company (2010). Also in 2010, Joshua got to do a staged reading of Promenade in support of The Off-Broadway Alliance. During the summer of 2010, he headed down to Coral Springs, FL, to play Underling in the Broward Stage Door Theatre production of The Drowsy Chaperone.

August 16th of 2010, Joshua digitally released his debut album of children's music, "Animals", performing under the name "Mr. Jotz".

Coming up:

  • In February of 2011, Joshua will be performing with Madeleine The Magician in her new production, DAZZICAL: Beyond Abracadabra.
  • In promotion of his debut album of children's music, Joshua will be doing a series of concerts (performing under the name "Mr. Jotz") and will also be animating all of the songs himself.

Joshua recently received his MFA in Acting (Directing Concentration) at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. In 2005, he graduated from the University of Mobile with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre with a minor in Music. During the summer of 2004, he worked in Cañon City, CO at Buckskin Joe's Frontier Town and Railway as a full-time gunfighter/general performer.

Besides theatre, Joshua held a job at Chuck E. Cheese's in Mobile (performing as the big mouse, himself) from June 21, 1999 to July 12, 2003. He also worked as a fill-in on-air announcer/producer at a fine arts radio station (WHIL, Mobile, AL) for a number of years. He is currently available for voice-over work through Studio Center, which has locations in Virginia Beach, New York City, LA, Las Vegas, and Memphis.




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